CoPilot Waypoint Generator

Important Note

The data for outside the US is badly out of date. It is recommended that you do not use these databases for anywhere outside of the US.

These databases won't work for CoPilot versions previous to 3.0. If you don't have the latest version, please get it from PalmGear HQ


Last Database Update

The database was last updated on 2016-03-30

You last generated a database on 1464357807

Select the a geographic area to restrict your selection to. This will reduce the number of countries or states/provinces that are shown in the following selection lists. Or you can select from one or more of the checkboxes below, which will also restrict the geographic area. The checkboxes are additive, so if you select both "North West" and "South West", you'll get the entire western hemisphere.

Select Geographic Area to include

Geographic Area

(decimal degrees NN.NNN)
(decimal degrees NN.NNN)


North West (including North America)
South West (including South America)
North East (including (most of) Europe and Asia)
South East (including Africa, Australia and the Pacific islands)

For more information about the CoPilot program, see this link or the Frequently Asked Questions list. You can email the author of the Waypoint Generator at

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